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All great presenters have a backup, and thanks to our premium Prezi templates, thousands of satisfied customers have saved time, money and energy. We also design expertly-crafted winning pitches, sales pitches and company Prezi presentations that drives your business to a higher level. Let us be your presentation team as you focus on your story.

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Save time, money and effort with our carefully-crafted Prezi templates.
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"Prezzip has a sharp grasp on how to use Prezi as a presentation medium. I look forward to working with them again on my next project."

Robert Duffner
Director, Platform Mobile Strategy,, USA

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Prezi Design Services

Focus on your story; let us do the design. We design expertly-crafted winning pitches, sales pitches and company Prezi presentations that drives your business to a higher level.

Powerpoint/Word conversions

We help you take your rough PowerPoint or storyline and transform it into an engaging, visually led, winning presentation.

Prezi from scratch

You have a story and want to co-create your story into a Prezi. Together we create a unique presentation that will wow your audience.


Your content in a Prezi template

You need an expert hand to transform your content in one of our carefully crafted templates.

Company Prezi Template

We create unique templates for you that cater to your brand image and needs.

Custom Design Process

1) E-mail us and share your story (Word/PPT/Prezi)

2) We create a pricerange (possible call/Skype to align thoughts)

3) You share all assets (logo, guidelines, storyline) and initial payment

4) Creating and finetuning your presentation

5) Your presentation is ready! Final payment and sharing presentation

6) WOW your audience!

Presentation Training.

Discover the blueprint to presentation excellence. Become a better presenter today!

Presentation Structure

Learn how to craft engaging presentation with one simple, powerful blueprint. Start by motivating your audience, provide them with actionable to-dos, while keeping them excited about your content.

Presentation Design

Learn how to get the best out of your presentation tools with a presentation design process that will make you more strategic, save you time and allow you to create stunning slides with any presentation software.

Presentation Delivery

Learn how to deliver your presentations with confidence, while retaining your own unique style, by using your voice, your body and your visual aids in the most effective way. Let's discover together the great presenter that is inside of you.


We are - Your Presentation Partner.

We support start-ups with their investor pitch, help create a portfolio for consultants or develop company profiles for Fortune 500 companies. Advertising agencies ask for our support. We feel comfortable in every setting. We are proud and happy to support clients from all corners of the globe.

We are - Proven Presentation Experts.

Our Presentation Experts have created thousands of presentations for a diverse range of clients including Salesforce, General Mills, Intel, General Motors, ING, Brunel, Nike, Caremark and many, many more.

We are - Agile presentation network.

Founders Renske van der Heide and Roelof Hengst manage their network of storytellers, designers, project managers, developers and general tinkerers. We work with a tight core team and select partners from our flexible network of specialists depending on the project requirements.

We are - Dutch Design.

Prezzip is primarily a Dutch initiative. Dutch Design can be characterized as minimalist, experimental, innovative, quirky and humorous.

We are - Official Prezi Expert.

We are happy and proud to be selected as one of a few Official Prezi Experts on the globe.

Prezi Templates.

Are you in a hurry to create a stunning Prezi that will impress your audience? Create your professional presentation in minutes. The design is already done, allowing you to focus on your story. We offer over 300 fully customizable Prezi templates, enabling you to create a beautiful presentation. We know how to deliver a Prezi. We also sell great zoomable visuals that you can use in your Prezis and Powerpoints with over 700 in store, the perfect visual is waiting for you.

Prezi Custom Design.

Are you looking for something special that will enhance your high stakes business pitch, sales presentation or company profile? We will turn your rough storyline, current Powerpoint or Prezi into an engaging presentation. As a creative collective of presentation experts and visual tinkerers, we love supporting people in creating successful presentations! You've got the brains-we have the design and storytelling skills. Let's build an awesome Prezi together.

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